Re-Charter error - Not enough leadership positions

I get the below error when trying to re-charter yet I have at least four leadership positions: Committee Chair, Committee Member , Chartered Org Rep, and Cub Master

Unit does not have the required amount of leadership positions
Committee Member/New Member Coordinator/Pack Trainer - Expected: 2 or more | Actual: 1

You for sure need a den leader. Without looking, I think you need another committee member.

@Matt.Johnson - isn’t there a doc on minimum leadership for units

A pack needs to have at least 2 members of the committee (position code MC, PT, or NM).

MC = Committee Member
PT = Pack Trainer
NM = New Member Coordinator

The Chartered Org. Rep. (CR) has the option to also register as the Committee Chair (CC) or as a member of the committee (MC, NM, or PT) within the same unit (pack).

A pack must also have at least one den leader who may be a Lion den leader (LL), a Tiger den leader (TL), a Wolf or Bear den leader (DL), or a Webelos den leader (WL).

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@JohnStrahlman - are you all set on recharter ? Or most likely will need to register adults ASAP

I got it figured out. Thanks all for your help


if in order to satisfy the leadership and committee member counts I need to edit someone’s position, where do I find the edit button? I’m momentarily stuck on this last step to get to recharter. I have enough adults on the roster just need to change a position.

I think it is under the member manager?

I can only add or delete people or address duplicate entries, from what I see.

That could be an end around. Remove someone then add them back in with the correct role / leadership position.

@GEORGECOMBES Select the pen on far right side on same line as adult

Thank you. I didn’t see the slide bar on the bottom of the inset window that that was more to the right. Now on payment it’s listing 35 scouts to pay for but my roster only has 27. I am Pack 12 in Framingham, MA. I can’t figure out what report to review to remove duplicates that made it to this point or where the number is coming from.