Cubmaster can't use Dues/Payments feature of Scoutbook

I’m Assistant CM and I don’t have any trouble adding/removing payments from the Payments Log, however our CM says whenever she clicks on the fee for any scout, it endlessly loops her back to the homepage. She can’t add payments or fees for any scout. We are both assigned Pack Admin roles. Is there something else we can check on permissions for this?

Go to unit Roster in Scoutbook > Click CM name > click Admin > click Update - that should solve it

Thank you, but that did not. Still on an eternal loop back to the homepage every time she clicks on the payments.

Any other ideas to try to fix this?

@BenMason I have asked one of the developers to take a look.

Note: BSA 13650993

@BethSimmonds FYI, waiting to hear back.

@BenMason Please ask the Cubmaster to log all the way out of Scoutbook, then log back in.

I just reset her Pack Admin role. We’ll see if that fixes the issue.

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