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Not able to update past information on scoutbook

In the past I’ve been able to click on an individual scouts name of payment and/or amount due. Now starting this scout year it doesn’t let me click on any sort of payment from the last scouting year. They are all grayed out now.

I’m having the issue because we used that to record any credit amounts that the scout had. It still shows that the scout has a credit amount and if we have an activity for say $10 it takes that amount off their credit balance but then it still shows that that activity has not been paid yet also.

Does anyone know how to make it so I can go back to last scout years stuff and edit things? And yes, I’m logged as the treasurer.

Thanks for your help!!!


In Scoutbook, click on the Scout’s name in your roster then <Scout’s> Payment Log. From there you can edit any of their entries.

Thanks for getting back to me. But no…that’s what I used to be able to do, but for some reason something change over the summer time and now those are grayed out. I can click on the amount due ones and change it but not the payments. And I am set as the treasurer still.

Can you ask your unit admin to temporarily make you a unit admin to see if that changes anything? That’d at least tell us if it’s a permission issue.