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Cubmaster No Longer Connected to Pack and Different BSA ID#

So this morning our cubmaster who has been our cubmaster for a while now can no longer see the pack in his scoutbook account and his profile shows a BSA ID# that is not his at all and does not match anything I see in Scoutbook or my.scouting and he does not see it either……… any ideas what is going on? I feel the recharter bug coming on ………… and I should add he can no longer see his kids either…

Has he tried using “Switch SSO Profile” (on his My Account page) to change his BSA member number to the correct one?

it wont let him edit the BSA id number ….

Is he trying to change it on the “Switch SSO Profile” screen or under his “Edit Profile” screen?

The BSA member number is usually locked on the “Edit Profile” screen.

it is locked on both screens for him and for me as well …. it is greyed out on the profile page and does not allow editing
on the switch sso page it is not greyed out but will not allow for editing…

Try going to your Pack Roster page, click on his name, click on his Cubmaster position, then Update.

If that doesn’t help unlock the Switch SSO Profile page for him, then please have him send an e-mail to Scoutbook support at:


And have him include as much identifying information as he can (full name, BSA ID numbers, pack number, council name).

yep I tried that first thing …. email it is

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