Connecting a scout to scoutbook via the parent invite. HOW TO GUIDE

Is there a how to guide on connecting scouts to scoutbook via the parent? We have very low connection of scouts to scoutbook and are making a push to get everyone in. I have one motivated kid who wants in and the parent is looking to connect.

Looking at the parent’s profile, I do not see the send invitation link. So I assume the parent has already connected at some point in the past. If she goes into her (the parent) profile, will see see the link to connect the scout?

If not, how do I link the scout into the system?

Ideally, is there a guide I can distill down to a bulleted list to email to parents to do this?

Also, is there a guide to setting up the Paypal pay log and how to use it?

I guess the big question is are there guides I can find and read through?

@AlexMauer - ever thought about this:

The word help is a great thing

@AlexMauer Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base near the bottom of this page

Could those instructions be out of date? The screenshots under Setting Up an Account Your Child Can Use (from the link @DonovanMcNeil posted) have the traditional Scoutbook look and feel. But when I log into Scoutbook and access my child’s profile, it brings me to an Internet Advancement screen that does not have the option to “Invite XXXX to connect”

This is what I see:

I tried entering my son’s email, hoping that would prompt the invitation email but that didn’t work. (I then deleted his email out so I could take this screen shot)

They are.

I think a change happened sometime at the beginning of July because we were telling parents to go into the profile and scroll to the bottom.

The link to connect scouts now exists under “Edit External Info”

That worked! Thank you so much!

Edit Extended Information is what you want.

The next wrinkle I have is this: I have a parent who is trying to invite her scout to our troop. She has been connected to her scouts since cub scouts, but has not invited her scout to the troop. When she goes into edit Extended Info in both her account and in her scout’s account, the link to invite does not exist. The scout is not connected yet. How do I fix that issue?

thanks, Alex


Post the scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate. Most likely the Scout was previously invited and logged in.

132331786 Scout 1
132331744 Scout 2
Parent trying to connect - 12682968

I have questions about how parents log in - which login info they use. Same for the scout who will be logging in for the first time. I want to avoid confusion and frustration. when they get to the SB login page, do they use their gmail, apple or my info to login?

Do Parents invite their scout from the parent accoutn “Edit Extended Info” or form the scout’s “Edit Extended Info”?

From the scout’s info page.

132331786 Scout 1
132331744 Scout 2
Parent trying to connect - 12682968

What happens with the numbers I supplied on the back end? Do you reset the connections? Is there something I can do to numbers from my connection? I suspect I will have the same issue several times over as I have commited families that have gone from my pack to the troop and have been connected to the units and the scouts for years without ever inviting their kids to join (because they were cubs) . So I f I can reset myself, then that should avoid a lot of down time and frustration. We are pushing to have all parents in and connected to scouts AND scouts invited to scoutbook by 8/15

Scout 1 logged in to Scoutbook today.
Scout 2 does not have a login ID but does have an e-mail address attached to the account. In this case, the Scout should go to and create an ID there. This will then let the Scout log in to Scoutbook.

The parent is connected to both Scouts.

Adding on to Ed’s post:

When creating an account at my.scouting, we recommend creating a user name that is not an e-mail address.

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Scout 1 did log in, but but I don’t see him in the email list. Scout 2 has not logged in, but I do see him in the email list. I am expecting to see both.


Scout 1 should be fixed.

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