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Custom Email Domains

There was a post on this in the older forums from a few years back and I’d like to revisit it.

Original Post

My pack would like to start using a custom email domain for communication to make transition and backup of leadership easier.

OK? What needs to be revisited?

Looking at the legacy post, it seems that there wasn’t a great answer on how to implement this for your unit. I’m happy to share what we do.

We use G Suite to run a custom domain email server. I have a Business account, so I just donate the mailboxes to my pack and troop, but $6/mo isn’t a bad price to pay for what you get.

Initially, I had set up the emails to be forwarders (e.g. emails addressed to get forwarded to the CM’s existing email address), but I soon realized that it’s helpful for incoming leaders to have access to the email account history, especially when an ongoing issue hits an inbox and that leader has no context toward what had been going on.

So, I set up dedicated email accounts for Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chair, Scoutmaster (Boys), Scoutmaster (Girls), and Troop Committee Chair. Then, when a change takes place, you give them the login, go into admin tools and require a password change (just in case), and the account transfers along with all the history.

Thanks Jeremy,

That’s my plan as well. My desire is to have Scoutbook emails sent from these accounts as well instead of the Scoutbook aliases.

Oh… That’s a different matter altogether. While I agree that would be ideal, there is currently no way to set a preference that makes emails sent from Scoutbook look like they come from any address other than

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Well, sorta… the email address is “” the name is replaced with the Name text of the person sending it. So we get emails from

Webmaster Troop 104 via

Don’t see that changing.

For branded emails with the group Office 365 has $5/Mo plans that include Teams which is a game changer for getting out of email for internal communications. It’s channels of communications. Plus for each licensed user you can have five guests, IIRC.

Right. My sense is he’s looking for full customization, which I doubt will happen any time soon (if at all).

Teams is good. I use it at work. Our units use Slack, but they’re both sides of the same coin.

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