Email Addresses that Forward

Because people change, but positions don’t, most organizations create ‘forwarding’ addresses so the members or public don’t have to change their address book when someone new occupies a position.
Example: forwards to the real address of the current president.
Because we’ve had 4 different processors in the past 6 month, I’ve been trying to have such an address created for That way every unit has a consistent submittal path. I currently have 5 such dummy addresses that feed to me in one org that I’m an officer in.
I believe I’ve seen examples of this being done in ScoutsBSA. I’ve just been told that it is impossible because of some sort of ‘Microsoft License’. I find that extremely hard to believe.
Can anyone provide me proper persons to steer my request to?
Pete Townsend

Are you asking this with respect to employee addresses?

It is the contract BSA has with Microsoft who manages those accounts - pretty simple and cut/dry

@PeterTownsend - I know that we have the “” in our council. The only issue that would be a roadblock is if the email account exists in the domain already. That will be immediately known when an admin starts the account creation process. I do not recall any license limits and I would trust that this is an enterprise license for exchange or the office suite.

The request needs to come from a professional - volunteers don’t cut it here. That’s how we got – that forwards to several of us.

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@RonaldBlaisdell - thanks. I did feel that this was over the pay grade of a volunteer. But I will note again that the system should require unique email addresses for the client side.

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Donovan, if Microsoft is the host for, I’m even more confused. I’ve never run into a contract that prohibited email forwarding, or a system that couldn’t do it, so it’s not cut/dry.
And as Stephen says they already have one in his council, Ronald mentions the one, and how about our favorite,
I think I’m getting push-back from our council, because they just don’t want to do it. I guess I’ll just live with it. No point in making enemies of the pro’s.

@PeterTownsend - to be honest it is not rocket science… it is a matter of doing it. Push back is not cool but you may be on to the issue.

Yeah, not cut and dry like “we can’t do that”, more like “we don’t want to or we don’t like doing that”. I nearly always want the truth. I work for a fortune 50 company. They don’t let even middle managers forward nice custom accounts. They have a process, it adds some extra letters to the address, and I must get approval 2 layers above me. I also have to get re-approval every year.

So, can I do it? Yes. Do I want to? Only if it is a really really good reason.

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