Unit Advancement Details Report - First Look

A few comments after taking a quick look:

  • For my scouts, the “Award” column is blank, so all I see is the type and date.
  • For me, the report seems to include all my unit positions (including Troop and Pack) but no other district/council positions. Given this is a “unit report”, that kinda makes sense. However, this is more a “unit level” report than a specific “unit” report.
  • The report also includes my awards, which are not really unit awards. So for adults, this is really more a “person” report, with a filter for just unit level positions.
  • I have quite a few training courses with no dates. I’m guessing these are retired ScoutingU courses that have been superseded by new courses, but I would still think those should have a date?
  • Should training course codes be added?

That said, this is the first time I’ve ever seen multi-year registration and award information available outside of ScoutNet, which is really cool and will be a big help for unit leaders - and district leaders, if this capability is expanded to them down the road. Thanks!

Cool new report, although I’m not 100% sure what I would do with it (yet!).

I’m curious whether the intent is for adults who have past scouting affiliation to show prior scouting advancement. For example, my current BSA ID is from a different council than the one in which I was a scout. Although my BSA ID from my “youth” council is associated with my my.scouting profile as secondary, the rank and awards associated with that BSA ID does not appear.

  • Is it intended that youth ranks for adult scouters appear or not?
  • If so, is the invisibility of the rank in my case an artifact of the youth BSA ID being secondary?

Here’s a cool feature of this report I just found. I am a district Vice-Chair and Key 3 Delegate. I was able to pull down my District Executive’s report (at his request) because he wants to see how it compares to the Scoutnet version. But he can’t access the report himself.

As the District Commissioner I can’t see the District members Unit Advancement Details Report however from my Specific unit levels I can. As a native Key three to the district would I have to make myself a Key3 delegate to see the District members? .

@LarryPotter -

I am checking with BSA IT. However, since the report starts with the word “Unit” I doubt it is available above the unit level.

@RonaldBlaisdell any luck on an answer for my fellow district members. This is actually a discussion topic for the Commissioner breakout at our Council Coordinator meeting tomorrow. Understanding the alternative is tapping the Council for the list. Other discussions include; tips and shortcuts in Commish tools to make things more, as she put it “Zippy” :slight_smile: The discussion on the Council request to BSA-IT for Menu button request being either static or with a Static option on the landing page (dashboard-legacy), and progress to a council wide recording DB for District leader awards similar to CTS. [Commissioner Transcript System (CTS)]

@LarryPotter - no, sir. All resourcess have been focused on the issues surrounding Internet Recharter, the Apple/Google log-in issue, etc.

@LarryPotter - so, due to PII issues, they are keeping this available only for Unit Key 3 at the Unit-level. It will, however, be added to the reports in Registrar Tools and you will be able to get it from a Registrar when it is available. (And, no, a District is not a Unit.)

Excellent, Thank you for checking in on this.

It only shows for your current council. I use this report to award service pins to my scouts and adult volunteers on their “anniversary” month. It is also a good record to look up when dealing with other awards such as the veteran award or anything else that has tenure in a certain position as a requirement.

@AndrewBrewer - Which is exactly what the Person Report did in ScoutNet - current Council only - and you took a copy with you when you went to a new council.