Need Son’s personal account deleted

I am trying to invite my son to Scoutbook but he had created a login for himself before I could invite him. It told him to delete his account so I can invite him. There is no option to delete the one we created today for him. There is no clear instructions on how to delete. I requested that it be deleted by replying to the email he received but it tells me the email is not monitored and to post here in the forums. Please help.

Where were you told to delete it?

We can link his username to the correct Scoutbook account.

Yes I know it can be linked but Scoutbook says to delete his new personal one so I can invite him and link him to the one already created.

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If you do that, he will be creating another username.

What I’m saying is that we can link his already existing username to the correct Scoutbook account and then merge the Scoutbook accounts.

As along as we can get that we are still linked to him and he is able to access his account as well then whatever we have to do. I just requested what the application says to do.

I just dont want to loose his information.

@RebeccaPacheco This should be fixed.

Please ask him to log in to Scoutbook with his username and password.

Looks like that worked. Thank you for the help!

Thank you. I think that wording needs to change as the ability to delete accounts no longer exists.

Agreed :wink: Thanks again to you both! Have a great night!

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