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My son’s log has the 3 dots. It seems to me that the adult log should have the 3 dots as well and that this is a bug.

@DrewQ I don’t know if this will help or not, but in the troop where you are SM, can you use the Position Manager and end your Key 3 Delegate functional role? It might be causing a conflict.

That seems to have been the problem. I ended my Key 3 Delegate position and for a brief moment, I saw the 3 dots. The page threw up an error of some sort and I had to refresh the page again. Internet Advancement is still showing me in the Key 3 Delegate position for my Troop. It will probably take a day or so for the system to purge that position from my profile. I will check it tomorrow evening to verify that it was the issue.

FYI, I had that position during my transition into the scoutmaster role but is now unnecessary. Thank you both for your patience with this.

OK, update time. I have tested a few things and have found some strange results.

If I use the Quick Entry link in Scoutbook to get to the Activity Log and click the Profile link on the left side of the screen, the 3 dots don’t show for me.

If I go to any youth profile, click their Activity Logs link, and click the Camping link in the upper right of the screen, the 3 dots show for me.

If I go to My Account, click on the Activity Logs link there, and click the Camping link, the 3 dots show or me.

There seems to be a permissions issue on the Profile page when the Activity Logs are accessed from Quick Entry. This definitely caused some confusion on my end when I was trying to resolve the issue in my original reply to this thread.

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I think I see the problem. I entered the duplicate as a “personal activity” and the correct one as a “group” activity.

That still doesn’t explain how/why I cannot delete the “personal” one.

So, instead, I relabeled it “Entered in error” and set the camping nights to 0.