Delete child's scoutbook account in order to invite him

We are not able to view my son’s advancements and Troop membership info via his scoutbook account. However, I, as his father, can see the same data by clicking on his profile in my account. I was told to try inviting him through my account, but I got a message saying that my son already has a scoutbook account using the email id I used to invite him, and he would need to delete that existing scoutbook account before I can invite him. Please assist in helping delete that account, OR help us use his existing account to link up with mine so he can view all advancements and activities.

Here are his and my scoutbook account details that may be of help.

Child BSA ID: 140123775
Parent BSA ID: 140123774
Troop 2970B, National Capital Area Council

@RamachandraSattigeri did you use your own email to invite the scout? there is no email on the Scouts account

@RamachandraSattigeri I see what happened - let me clean this up

@RamachandraSattigeri the plasma login should log scout in now

Great, we can see all the activities now through the child account. Thank you much!

Have a great weekend.

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