Deleting my son’s account

I helped my son create a scout book account, not knowing that he needed to wait to be invited by the troop leadership.

How do I delete this account?

Thank you,
Amy F.

@AmyFredrick not sure I follow - only a Parent can invite a scout to have an account - not a troop? What is Scouts BSA # and we can look.

He is part of Troop 7031 in Grand Canyon Council, Ponderosa District.
His BSA # is 134290952

My husband is the Scoutmaster and he was the one trying to send the invitation from his login, so I assumed he had access to do that because he was a leader, not because he was a parent.

Thank you and sorry for the confusion.

Amy F.

@AmyFredrick so are we good? Or do we need to look at anything?

Yes, I do not know how to delete the account I created for my son.

@AmyFredrick Your son has 2 usernames at my.scouting.

Which one do you want to keep? The one with his name? Or the one with his initials? We can retire the other one.

Good Morning Jennifer,
We would like to delete the account with username: wJf0622#

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