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Could you please delete the Scoutbook Acccount with SB# 13567842? This was my original Scoutbook account many moons ago. Somwhere along the line (my husband’s job has us moving frequently so therefore we’ve been in many councils) another SB account was created for me and that is the one I use and the one that has my children and my Pack in it. The SB Account listed above has nothing in it, but is using my email address so I get a warning message that another account is using my email. Thanks.

@PamelaNelson1 I am looking in to this for you.

@PamelaNelson1 You have 2 usernames (logins) at my.Scouting. They are almost identical. One has a number at the end, but the other does not.

Which username would you like to keep?

Please keep the account with the number at the end. Thank you so much!

@PamelaNelson1 This is completed.

From now on, log in with your username that has the number at the end.

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