Delete user?

In the process of testing, I’ve created a secondary scoutbook account and linked to my son as a parent. I am unable to delete this connection or login with it (don’t recall the birth date used to reset credential via my.scouting). Can this account be deleted? Scoutbook user id 11555348 email begins with mccgate

Your test Scoutbook account has been deleted.


Can you help me with a similar issue? My son (BSA#134049510) has been locked out of his scoutbook account. I can see his profile but I can’t send him a link or invite. He has tried to reset his password multiple times but was not able to because the system says he has no username. His email does not work as his username. Can you either delete what is in the system for him or create a username and let us know? We have been working with the folks in our council but we are all stumped! Thank you!

thank you for your help

@AyanNoor your council should be able to simply reset that password - the user name is the email

The password that needs to be reset is the password.

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