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I have 2 users who have had duplicate accounts created that do not match our roster. Because they have the generic, autogenerated email, I am unable to update and correct the proper user accounts for these parents/leaders. I continually get the message that the email already exists on a different account.

Need Deleted:


I have the same issue with this User ID as well: 10358787.

@MelissaCoffey - you have not provided clear enough data - we need Old UserID (or BSA #) / New UserID - side by side - I see the first 2 numbers are the same person I think byt they do not have the default email

The first two are different people with the same name. They both go by Chris but one is male and one is female. It’s been a tangle. Each of the below has 2 accounts. One has the correct email; while the other has the default.

Bad ID = 10447002; Good ID = 11262312
Bad ID = 10603470; Good ID = 8653664
Bad ID = 10358787; Good ID = 10384342

Your help is greatly appreciated!

  1. can log in with username: (lastname)kiddos
  2. good to go
  3. good to go
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