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Deleting duplicate parent

Scoutbook is now importing parents for new Scouts. We had a younger brother join the Pack this year. When his application was processed, a ‘new’ Dad was created for him, instead of linking to the existing account his Dad already has.

I tried to delete the ‘new’ Dad, but it won’t delete since it is linked to the younger son. So I went into the Scout’s account, but it won’t let me ‘unlink’ the account (that option is greyed out). How do I delete this unwanted parent account?

Looking at the longer term, what is Scoutbook doing so that ‘new’ parents aren’t generated every time a younger sibling joins? As far as I can see, the same parental information was provided to the Council the second time but they created the account using a shorter nick name instead of the Dad’s legal name.

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If both accounts have different BSA ID#'s, then the dad also has two accounts in my.Scouting. Contact your council registrar to merge the accounts. They will tell you which BSA ID# to keep.

Once you have only one BSA ID#, or none, then contact Scoutbook support to delete the new dad account. As needed, have support update the old account with the correct BSA ID#.

If both accounts have the same email address, the dad may have problems logging in during the estimated two weeks it will take to get this done. I recommend waiting until the accounts are fixed before connecting the old dad to the new scout.

If the emails are different, you should be able to connect the old dad to the new scout right away.


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