Dup parent

Good evening,

The father for Scout with BSA ID 135211980 is listed twice.

One account is 14214506 and is linked to two sons. I think the other has no ID # and is linked to one son.

Please delete the account linked to only one son.

Thank you!


I found 2 Scoutbook IDs for the Scout which I have merged. I also added his 2nd BSA Member ID (MID) to his my.scouting.org ID as a secondary ID.

I found 2 Scoubook IDs, and MIDs for the father. I have merged these and added his registered MID to his my.scouting.org ID as primary.

His DOB is different on the two accounts so please confirm the correct date with the father and have your Council update his record.

I also recommend asking your Council to use the relationship tab of Registrar tools to add the Scout to the father’s record as parents/guardians.

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