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Deleting Pending Account

I am a new Cubmaster. A parent is requesting that I delete their Pending Account on Scoutbook, as it is causing issues with registration. How do I find and delete a pending account?

if it is still pending > go to Scout > click the parents name > Edit Profile > at bottom of page Delete account

No idea how it could be hindering them registering. And I am near certain this will not delete it just hide it

I don’t see any pending parent account under the Scout’s name. Just one “regular” parent account.

Basically the problem is that Mom and Dad want to exchange email addresses. One email address is in the existing account and the other email address is in the pending account. So neither one can be updated.

They can log in themself and change the email

Problem is both emails are in the system, and they can’t change to an email associated with another account. If deleting the pending account is not easy, maybe they could change one to a third email temporarily and go from there?

If either account is a @gmail account, they can add a +xxxx to it. Scoutbook would treat this as a different account, but gmail ignores the +xxxx.

Both go to the same account, but Scoutbook thinks they are different.

That would work. If they’re using Gmail, they can use the + trick to work this out without having to mess with creating new email addresses.

A large number of email providers use the + system

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I didn’t know others besides Gmail used it. It’s been a lifechanger for me, though.

The “+” trick seems to have worked. Thanks!

I followed the above directions but it tells me the parent is connected to one or more scouts. “Please remove this relationship first”. So what happens next? How do I remove the relationship so I can delete the mother’s account?

if the mother is connected only she or membercare can remove the account @OliviaKousky

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