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Looking to Delete an account of a new scout who never even showed up

Hello There,
We have 1 scout currently in our Lion Den roster who expressed interest at our launch event, and then never showed up after that. We probably should have waited, but we ended up creating a Scoutbook account that cannot now be deleted.
“Delete account” does not show up on the bottom of his edit profile screen, and the 1 parent connected, is “Pending connection.” I also cannot delete the parent account because this message appears:
“This user is a parent/guardian to one or more Scouts. Please remove this relationship first.”
I can’t uncheck the parent as a parent b/c it doesn’t give me the ability to do so.

What do I do?

*Additional info: An application was never filled out for this scout, but through Scoutbook, he somehow got a BSA member #…

You can go to the Scout’s Membership page and end the Scout’s membership with your pack.

Because no application was submitted, you can also send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support and request that they delete the Scout and parent for you:


Please be sure to include as much identifying information as you can (full names, BSA ID # (if any), pack number, council name, etc.).

Awesome! Found it! Thank you!!! =o)

Another question:
I have a few more issues that I need help with. Trying to make sure our pack site is optimal in all ways. =o)
Is there a way I can speak to you about all of these issues? Or one place I can post them all for you to look over?

@AlicjaGorski - you can certainly give me a call

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Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH Stephen!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Such a big help today!

@AlicjaGorski - you are very welcome. Do not hesitate to ask questions on the Using Scoutbook forum.

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