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I am the Advancement Chair for a Troop and my adult Patrol Admins want to be able to run reports for the scouts in their patrols. I think empowering them in this way is terrific! They can see Troop Reports link in the bottom navigation, but are unable to bring up the sub menu to select anything. Is this a browser issue on their end, a permissions issue, or are they unable to run reports.

The only way I see to give them permission to run reports is to make them Troop Admins, which seems really ham-fisted.

TIA for your insights.

This is my Patrol Admin account. Everything seems to work fine. Click Report Builder Manager and they get into Report Builder to make whatever they want.

Or are you talking about the “Needs …” Reports?

Needs Purchasing does not function for Sub-unit Admins - this is intentional as a unit can only have one open PO at a time.

I’ll ask them if they have access to the Report Builder Manager. The RBM is a powerful tool, though I think it might be overkill for what they are looking to do. There is a lot of scrolling in the report it generates to find the merit badges which are incomplete because it lists every merit badge, not just the ones which have been started but not finished.

The pre-made Incomplete Merit Badge Report is really simple and clear. I find it under Troop Reports–>Incomplete Merit Badge Report.

Incomplete is there from the Troop page - and runs fine for Patrol Admins

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Thank you for confirming this. I’ll have my user try a different browser, or restart their computer. I appreciate your help in the matter.

they might be hitting reports from dashboard - they need to go to unit page then reports

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You can also create reports to share and share them using the Report Builder Manager. For example, you could create a report that shows the status of the Eagle required merit badges and share the report with your Patrol Admins.

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