Den admin position is read-only for this unit

hi all,
I’m the Advancement Chair as well as Tiger den leader. I navigate to internet advancement tonight to enter an achievement, and I get this message:
Your Den Admin position has read-only access for this unit in the Internet Advancement platform.

Now, the easy workaround is just to enter into Scoutbook, but if we’re moving towards using Internet Advancement for all things, why isn’t this working?


Because Internet Advancement primarily looks to registered positions / functional roles as designated at my.Scouting. It looks like your functional role as Unit Advancement Chair (at my.Scouting) was ended in September. It looks like your pack’s Recharter is currently on hold.

Internet advancement is not ready for advancement as a full replacement to scoutbook. The advancement in IA does not include individual requirements and is only designed for unit level leaders. Of course, that will change when it replaces Scoutbook.