Not able to add advancements, option does not exist in drop down

There is no option to add Advancement to the scouts in my pack. The option is just not there. I am a den leader. Scoutbook functions fine.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

DLs don’t have access to enter advancement in IA2:

If Scoutbook works fine, then I would enter advancements there. Scoutbook and IA2 talk to the same underlying database, so Leader Approved advancement in one will be reflected in the other.

I am an assistant cub master, does that qualify?

Linked document says no.

ETA: Personally, I don’t think you’re missing much. I find the IA2 interface far less than intuitive, so given the choice, I’d enter advancement in Scoutbook every time. The only stumbling block comes related to entering activity log data for camping, hiking and service hours. That can occasionally be a slow process if it all has to route through a smaller number of people, many of whom may not be as tech savvy.

Ok. I find the Scoutbook entry rather clunky and was hoping to have a more streamlined experience. I manage enter advancements for both a boys and a girls den and there is a lot of repetitive actions. It is an interesting choice to build and expose this functionality and then restrict it to such a small group. That group is not even the primary advancement submitters. Am not understanding this list?

You’re correctly understanding the list. I believe that it was restricted that way because that was the restriction that existed (in principle more than in fact) for the old IA system.

There’s a quick-entry system in Scoutbook that I found sped things up a ton for my den back when I was a DL. Also, if you’re a Unit Admin in Scoutbook, you can do quick entry for multiple dens at once. That might also work if you’re a Den Admin for more than one den, but I’ve never been in that situation, so I’m not sure.

Quick Entry should be available to Unit Admins (if I recall correctly) from Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → Pack XYZ

then scroll to the bottom. For a Den Admin, I think you have to go into Pack XYZ → Den ABC then scroll down for quick entry.