One parent unable to receive reminder emails from Scout Book

I have a parent of a scout that stopped receiving scout book generated emails. This is the only person in the troop that stopped receiving them. She doesn’t remember opting out and it still showing her subscribed. The parent is Andrea associated to BSA Id 137222933, thanks.


The mother is not opted out of e-mail. Check to see that her e-mail address is correct and that Scoutbook e-mail is not going to her junk folder.

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She removed it and updated it but will check, thanks.

Also, the email is correct. I will say there is a second guardian on the scout with no email but it is saying

This connection is Pending
Last invitation email was sent 9 months ago

@edavignon, I figured out the problem it was with a scoutbook Chrome ext to send Payments balances. The second guardian didn’t have an email and it was getting hung up on that one. When we temporarily removed the second guardian it worked, thanks.

@edavignon also we fixed the problem but concerning that an incorrect adult was associated to the scout. In this particular case the scout has been in the troop for 2 years. I have never met the dad his mom (Andrea) is our guardian contact with the scout. When I recently noticed this (Andrew) same last name in a town about 30 minutes from our town I just figured it was his father carried from some old paperwork. According to the mom she has no idea who this person is and since their names are only off by one letter it looks like a clerical error at some point. I don’t think we did this as well as it looks like a recent addition, thanks.


If the connection is still pending a unit admin can delete it. If not, you need to contact your council and ask them to delete the bad connection.

I was able to delete yesterday and confirmed with mom that they have no idea who this person was not related to the scout. You can close this ticket, thanks.

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