Den Chiefs option to Advance With Den?

Advanced the Dens for next rank. Not sure if this is a bug or user error.

Old Scoutbook is now showing an extra den in our Pack, containing only 3 Den Chiefs.
When I advanced the Den, the Den Chiefs didn’t move, leaving them as the only den members. Since the den isn’t “empty”, I couldn’t delete it. Weirdly, this only happened with the Wolves. All the other Den Chiefs seem to have moved up with their Cub Dens like I intended. I don’t think I did anything differently.

Also weirdly, the “extra” den of Den Chiefs doesn’t show in the Advancement (Scoutbook Plus?) side.

I solved this by going into old Scoutbook and ending their POR in one den, then adding a new POR with the next den. Then the ghost den disappeared on its own.

Could we have an option to check a box to “Advance Den Chiefs With Den”? That would be awesome! Thank you!

I don’t think we need that option. The den chiefs should always advance with the den. The real question is how they remained behind. I’ve not seen it do that, but there is a known issue with den chiefs right now. I’m not certain whether it will fix this issue or not.

I get the following error when trying to add an available Den Chief to a den: “Error User is not a member of the unit - userIds: 1936288 - uniId: 85003”

Any idea when that will be fixed in Scoutbook Plus?

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