You do not have edit advancement permissions

I’m seeing this alert when I try to go the pack > den > quick entry > advancement

it doesn’t list the cubs.

den leader is registered and assigned to den and have full access to the cubs. I’m a key3 and able to see cubs in all other dens without any problem.

we have two tiger dens with two separate leaders assigned.

den leader member id: 14431111

please advise / help

Your Tiger Den Leader (BSA member number 14431111) is missing the Den Admin role in Scoutbook. As a Pack Admin, you should be able to add the Den Admin role to this adult leader.

After that is fixed, I would recommend having the Tiger Den Leader go to each Scout’s Advancement page in Scoutbook, go to Tiger, and make sure that the rank is set to the most current version year.

Thanks @JenniferOlinger
do we need to assign Den Admin role in order for them to update the advancement?

why it is not showing the cubs list to me, the error i posted is shown to me when I login and i’m one of the key3 delegate

@HassanAli It looks like you are registered as Cubmaster, which means that you are already a member of the pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Org. Rep.) You do not need to be a Key 3 Delegate, because you already have Key 3 permissions.

Would it be OK with you if I temporarily add myself as a Pack Admin in your pack to take a look?

Hi @JenniferOlinger
yes, that should be fine.

@HassanAli Your Tiger Den Leaders need to also be Den Admins for their dens in order to have access to den level Quick Entry and the den calendar.

Everything else looks OK to me.

Could you try logging in to Scoutbook again and see if you still have the same issue?

Hi @JenniferOlinger

yes, now i’m able to see, what was wrong with my login?

Best Regards

@HassanAli I didn’t see anything wrong with your login. I did re-set your Pack Admin role, but I don’t know if that was the problem or not.

If you want your Den Leaders to have access to Quick Entry or their den calendars in Scoutbook, they will need the Den Admin role.

Thank you very much for your swift help.

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