Den Leader connection in scoutbook

Having an issue connecting a parent as a den leader in scoutbook. they have a BSA member number but it want connect.

@FrankWalker - are they on the roster at and did they fill out an adult app, CBC and youth protection

They were with us last year and she has a member ID. Im not seeing her on the roster though.

also completed youth protection.

@FrankWalker - but are they on the roster at as a register adult if not they ARE NOT REGISTERED AND CAN NOT BE ADDED AS A LEADER

Ill have to check with the council then she’s not on the unit roster anymore.

@FrankWalker - this will require a new application I would think


If she is not on your roster at then she is not currently registered and you will not be able to add her to Scoutbook. 24 hours after she appears on your roster, she will be added to Scoutbook. At that point you will be able to add to her assigned den.

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