Disconnected from my Den

I am an assistant Den leader and was recently disconnected from them in Scoutbook. I am still linked to my child. Can someone point me in the right direction to get linked back up to my Den?

Are you actually registered? Have a key 3 check in my.scouting.org Roster. In the last month, unregistered adults were disconnected.

Under this log in you have no registrations - you need to talk to your unit leaders

I had duplicate names. One was connected to the Den and the other to my child.

Thank you! I’ve sent him another email. Was hoping for a quick fix. I’ve been waiting for it to get fixed since unregistered adults were disconnected and still not fixed

if you post both BSA # 's or both User IDs we can fix this for you - both can be found under Edit Profile @bobbygingerich

My account that is linked to the Den shows pending. Name is Robert Gingerich. I never had a user name or log in to it so no idea what the BSA # is. The one that is active and connected to my child is BSA # 13094228 name Bobby Gingerich. @DonovanMcNeil

I also see BSA# 135628748 for you but neither has a registration - if just has Tiger Parent - to be a leader you have to fill out an Adult Leader application

I filled out my Adult Leader application when my child was a Tiger. He is now a Bear. I’ve went through BALOO training and Wood Badge and now its showing I’m not even a leader!

@bobbygingerich I do not immediately see one I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

That way we can get more detailed info to see if we can find it

this is resolved and fixed from a hiding BSA #

I am having this same issue as above except I was the Den Leader and was making changes a few weeks ago. Now I am only connected to my son and I cannot finish advacnements for my den. Username#2692897 and BSA#135795233. Thanks in advance.

@AdamPerkins1 I see no registration history for you in Council 653 - you need to talk to your unit leaders - they can look at my.scouting.org > Roster to see if you are there

Thanks for the quick reply, when I checked my positions in profile, it references that my position was ended April 12 by a sb-2882 clean up script.

@AdamPerkins1 - that is correct. As of that date all non-registered leaders were removed. You will need an adult application submitted to the unit and on the application please note your BSA ID if you have one listed in either my.scouting or scoutbook.

Thanks for the update, I will work on that.

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