Recharter removed me as Committee Chair

We just finished our recharter for the year. Unfortunately, it removed me as Committee Chair. I’m pretty sure I know why, because I have two accounts, for some reason. The account I had before was in a different state and council. This has caused me some issue in the past, but this year, I am attached to my Tiger Cub on one account (I think both of my children actually) and attached as Committee Chair on the other.
I would like to merge these accounts as long as it doesn’t cause any issues. It does not list anyone on the roster as Committee Chair either, although leadership says I am listed.

Old account ID: 13446109
Newer account (I believe this one shows me as CC): 13921877

Please let me know if this can be rectified. Thank you for your time!

@JenniferBuchanan1 - i am not sure this is a scoutbook bug but rather a symptom of councils issuing new ID numbers when they really should not.

@JenniferBuchanan1 13446109 is a Coastal Carolina MID

13921877 is a San Diego - the San Diego one has CC and seems correct?

Yes, I should be with San Diego as CC. That’s the main account. It looks like adding me as a Tiger parent was on the other account and caused the issue.

This may be the case, but now it presents an issue where I am unable to act as CC because it has me connected to my Tiger on the old account. It caused a lot of issues when I moved.

@JenniferBuchanan1 I set up an overnight sync too resolve this

I truly appreciate your help.

I should clarify my comment. I was specifically noting same council issuance of new BSA ID’s. A transfer to a new council would of course cause a new BSA ID to be issued as they do not move council to council.

I see. Yes, we moved mid year and I think that is what caused a lot of the issues for us. I was also a den leader in the prior pack and then cc for the new one. They couldn’t do anything for me until recharter, and I was just stuck on the old roster in limbo that year.

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