Den leader not connected to new scouts in her den


I have a den leader who is not connected to any of her scouts in new scouts in her den. I dont see an update button and when I go to connections manager, it doesnt allow me to select full control on those scouts. Whats easiest way to fix it? She is an already approved den admin too if that helps.

Post the BSA # and we can look

BSA Member ID: 13885679


BSA Member ID (MID) 13885679 is not registered. She is registered with MID 14085814. I have made MID 14085814 primary on her ID which is her e-mail address. I also put it on her Scoutbook account. She needs to use this to log in to Scoutbook.

use what to login to scoutbook? her existing email address?


Her ID and password. Her ID is her e-mail address.

I logged in as myself and went to connections manager. she still is not connected to all scouts in her den.


Go to Pack Roster → her name → Positions → Den Admin. Click Update without making any changes. This should correct the connection issue.

I clicked the update on den admin and tiger leader. I went back to connections manager, its still the same. No green dots for all her scouts.

@FrankSplain the Den Admin position is not assigned to a Den - I would just end it, add a new one assigned to the correct den

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THAT WORKED. It doesnt tell you what den a den admin is on the title so I assumed it was a running position.

it says in roster at least and I believe on positions in smaller text

Yeah not on high level though on roster view. it doesnt show the den name, it just says den admin. in this case, it was probably linked to her old den last year.

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