Den Leader Portal Errors

I tied to setup the new den leader portal today. I did not realize that my den had not been advanced yet and when i generated the calendar it generated all of the prior year requirements.

Once my den was advanced properly I went in and re set it up. Now I have duplicate calendar appointments.

The idea is solid, if it will function and mark off the advancements in scout book at the end that is awesome! But a the same time I am finding the use of the site is very rigid - i cannot make edits easily or close off the bobcat requirement because i did not realize i needed to mark it complete before setting this up.

This is why many of us suggest not using the Den Leader Experience.

You can move the incorrect calendar entries to the past but you cannot delete them.

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I set mine up after advancing my den and it won’t let me complete attendance or anything else with it. I now only use DLE to map out when I am going to hold my meetings (you can change the prior year’s events to a single date in the past via I manually add a new event to scoutbook. Then I click the hide all DLE events button. This way when I want to prep before the meeting I can log on to DLE and it has all the leader tools, but when I need to record advancements or write up agenda notes for families I log into as it is much more stable.

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