Den Leader showing multiples of the same position

I have a Den Leader who is showing multiple instances of Den Admin and Den Leader on her list of positions. Additionally, her listing of “Lion Den Leader” doesn’t show which Den she is leader of. How can this be corrected?


@etruongcao If you post the Den Leader’s BSA member ID number, we can take a look.

(No names, please)

@JenniferOlinger Her BSA ID is 140449382.

Thanks for your help!


Go to the leader’s membership page, open the Lion Den Leader position that does not have a den assigned, add an end date then click Update. This will end that position.


Thank you, will I then be able to assign her as a “Lion Den Leader” for that den?

She already is a lion den leader for the lion den so all you need to do is close the position without a den assigned.

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Thanks. Is there an explicit difference between “Den Leader” vs “Lion Den Leader”? I had read somewhere (possibly on this forum) that certain dens don’t have generic “Den Leaders”, but instead have level-specific positions like “Lion Den Leader” or “Tiger Den Leader” or “Webelos Den Leader”. It seems we were able to assign her as “Den Leader” for the Lion Den, so seems like I’m mistaken on that front…

@etruongcao - adding a leader from within a lion den presents the Den Leader position not a named position. I think Ed want noting that the person is already the den leader of the lion den.

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