Den leader unable to update other children

I’m set up as a den leader and admin, but as of 2023 I’m not able to update other kids? I can suddenly only update my own child Van… my cub master doesn’t know, do y’all know?

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When you are made a den admin, you are supposed to be given full control connections to all Scouts in your den. This did not happen. I will ask the developers to investigate why you did not get the proper connections.

I recommend you ask a Unit Admin (usually the Cubmaster is one) to go to your Den Admin role and click Update without making any changes. This should reset your connections to the Scouts. If this does not work, the admin can go to your Den roster page, select Connection Manager, click on your name then click on the Full Control check box to give you full control connections to all Scouts in the den.

I had full control it seems from 4/22 til 12/22 at least, but that seems to have been removed in 2023… my cub master is checking your suggestions beyond that.

We figured out that my administrator control had been removed, it’s fixed now.

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