Pack Admin and Den Leader but can't update my den's advancement

I select my den → quick entry → Enter Adventures → Choose an adventure. Just yesterday I did these steps and entered an adventure for most of my den. Then a little while later in the day, I do the same steps and it only allows me to select my own children. As a pack admin and a den leader I should be able to update everyone. What could be going on?

it sound like you lost connection to members of your den - have a unit admin take a look at it


As a Unit Admin, you should have a full control connection to all Scouts but you do not. I have asked the developers to investigate.

You can try resetting your admin connections by going to Pack Roster → Melissa Spillar → Melissa’s Positions → Pack Admin then clicking Update without making any other changes. Note this will only work from the Pack Roster path, not from My Account.

Thank you. It does not seem to let me click on any leaders and modify, including myself. I’ll see if someone else in my Pack is able to.

Today when I went into Scoutbook it let me do the steps you mentioned and it worked! I can update my den again. Thanks!

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