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Den leaders No access, multiple accounts

I have 2 den leaders who do not have admin access.
One has 2 accounts in scoutbook. One of his is the correct email while the other uses a scoutbook placeholder email. I(committee chair) do not have a way to edit emails and can not find a way to resend an email activation link.

The other den leader only has access to his own scout so also no admin. His listing has an incorrect email address. Again, I have no way to edit that

The council rep says he can not fix that. Who has that ability?

Can you post their bsa member numbers (no names)?

Here are the two member numbers
12066235 & 13426197

@JasonWalters These should be fixed now. RJ will need to double check e-mail address, because it was different between my.scouting and Scoutbook.

Thanks for working on that. I have confirmed that one which had duplicates now only has one entry, but he does not have admin access even though he is setup as cubmaster.
I havent been able to speak to the other one.

@JenniferOlinger @jacobfetzer I am having the same problem with my personal account. A duplicate account with the same name and a separate BSA number has shown up in our pack. The account I still have access to is not marked as a den leader anymore and does not have record of my YPT course completion.

BSA numbers:

@JasonWalters N.W. is registered as a Committee Member and Tiger Den Leader. If you want him to have the Pack Admin role in Scoutbook, another Pack Admin will need to add it via the Pack Roster page in Scoutbook.

Alternatively, one of the pack’s Key 3 (registered Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) or a Key 3 Delegate can use the Roster → Position Manager → Functional Roles at my.scouting to designate N.W. as a Key 3 Delegate. Please note that you will have 2 wait for an overnight process to run, but then they Key 3 Delegate should show up in Scoutbook as a Key 3 Delegate and unit Admin.

Someone who is a pack admin should click his name and add the pack admin role. Note that his registered position is committee member.

@ChristopherBayer This should be fixed for you now. You have multiple BSA member numbers, but your Tiger Den Leader registration is associated with BSA member number 136559929.

Yes, everything seems to be working correctly now. Thank you!