Desk top can’t find m Account

I’m currently logged on on my cell phone but when I try to log on on desktop it tells me that it can’t find a profile link to this Gmail account even though it’s clearly the exact same Gmail account

@JonathanZumMallen you should be using a user name that is everything before @ of your email

I’ve tried it with just the first part and the full email and I’ve tried it on Google Chrome and on brave browsers and none of the four combinations work

@JonathanZumMallen what URL are you going to?

@JonathanZumMallen - you should be clicking the login button

I am clicking that login button.

Url in pic

I’ve tried other urls but it always redirects to this one

Also, is there a way to get rid of this guy circled in red when in typing mode on mobile?

I don’t see that on my phone (Chrome on Android 14). It seems like a browser interpretation of the page layout that’s breaking somehow. What browser/platform are you using for mobile?

And when you click, it feeds you this login pop-over, right? Then you click the blue login button below the username/password (not one of the two “Sign in with…” options)?

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I believe you need to click the x to dismiss the banner message at the top when you are on a page that shows it.

The banner is showing on ios16 on an iphone 8 and there is no X i can slide it back and forth to read what I’m typing but elevation is fixed

I have attempted to log in both ways ( blue log in and gmail and apple id but i for got apple password) so i dont know if attempting to login through the google poisoned that login page. ( i have had where the google auto pass word puts me in weird loops)

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