Dietary Restrictions List in Scoutbook?

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This came out of a Cit. in Society discussion I was having with one of our Scouts… Is anyone keeping a list of dietary restrictions for Scouts in Scoutbook? If so, how?

Obviously, we have allergy information recorded in the health forms, and there’s a big difference between “Kevin is allergic to peanuts and has an EpiPen” and “Max is vegetarian”. But, in the spirit of inclusion, and especially as a planning tool for youth, it might be useful to have a report that lists out everyone’s diet restrictions.


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These are features that are in software like BlackPug. It is a roster field.

It would be good to add to Scoutbook.

-medical concerns
-dietary restrictions

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It’s not going to happen in Scoutbook, especially fields like medical concerns. Black Pug has a different use and who has access is more restricted.

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While I understand the privacy concerns, the safety concerns should be taken into account and this position reconsidered.

You could set it so that only the parent can view the field (for themselves and for their Scouts), but Pack and Den reports accessed by Pack and Den admins will show allergies and restrictions - even if those are stripped of the name, should that be considered necessary for privacy. If I run a Pack Report for allergies and find I have 2 Peanut allergies, 4 Celiacs, and 1 Kosher Scout in the unit (actually it should include parents as well), that would be immensely helpful when planning snacks and food for campouts. Den reports to this effect would also be helpful especially for rank requirements that require Scouts to plan a menu for their Den or Pack.

Are we, or are we not, trying to raise Scouts to be aware of and accommodating for people with dietary disabilities and religious dietary practices?