Dietary Restrictions List in Scoutbook?

Hey All,

This came out of a Cit. in Society discussion I was having with one of our Scouts… Is anyone keeping a list of dietary restrictions for Scouts in Scoutbook? If so, how?

Obviously, we have allergy information recorded in the health forms, and there’s a big difference between “Kevin is allergic to peanuts and has an EpiPen” and “Max is vegetarian”. But, in the spirit of inclusion, and especially as a planning tool for youth, it might be useful to have a report that lists out everyone’s diet restrictions.


These are features that are in software like BlackPug. It is a roster field.

It would be good to add to Scoutbook.

-medical concerns
-dietary restrictions

It’s not going to happen in Scoutbook, especially fields like medical concerns. Black Pug has a different use and who has access is more restricted.

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