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Different position application?

I am pretty sure the online app would work @DipaHart - just make sure you are logged in under your my.scouting.org account so you do not end up with another BSA #

I should also ask, how do we suggest changes like this get prioritized? I’m trying to figure how to convince my tech savvy parents they have to fill out a paper copy of something they already did online.

The online Member Registration system is not currently set up for changes of position or membership transfers.

You need to find out what your council requires. Most require another paper application or the unit can wait and make the change at recharter time.

I do know of one council that has its own form for changes of position within the same unit. The form must be signed by the unit’s Chartered Org. Rep. or Executive Officer to show approval of the position changes.


@DipaHart - unit leaders can only “approve” on-line adult applications (where permitted by council business rules). They can not edit.

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NAG. I have not had a DE for over 6 months. Consequently my overworked FD has to cover. I’ve had one adult application (new) in process and trying to correct for 4 months. :frowning:


Keep in mind that except for the Charter Org Rep, an individual can only hold 1 position in a unit. By submitting a new application for a unit position, you will be ending one position and starting another.

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https://www.scouting.org/resources/online-registration/ has PDF’s on the bottom right that explain a lot about the online applications process. If you are currently registered as a Den Leader, and taking on another respondsibility that is not another position such as Cubmaster, you do not need a new application. IE: If you are the DL and the Committee asked you or you volunteered to help coordinate the Blue & Gold, that is not a real position on the Charter.

PS: These documents will go through who can approve new appliations. It is the same as Paper. Also, paper applications are currently the only way to change from a DL to CM. The online is not yet set-up for that.

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Can’t wait until adult leader changes are available online!

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To clear up some confusion, I believe you can add a new position in a different unit online, but you cannot change positions within the same unit online.

So I have 3 or 4 current pack positions per scoutbook…

Nope. New anything for my district must be paper. My parents love it (not).

Nope. You can’t add. Or resubmit an application. It’s such a mess…I did digging and several of us have multiple accounts now. Nothing says anyone is fully trained because it’s in a bunch of places. They weren’t checking for numbers before they created new accounts!! Ah!!!

Please contact your council and request that they combine your training under one BSA ID #. Then they can retire the other BSA ID #s.

I can’t wait either, but there have been no announcements that I have seen of any plans.

This is the last I’ll post on this thread.
-No, On-line application cannot be updated with new positions at this time.
-And the answer is no—they can’t merge accounts, etc. I know everyone says they will and yes, we contacted all the people you told us to. The answer is “fix it yourself.”

Thanks for your answers.

It would be a manual process for the council where they have to manually add training for each adult leader to the correct BSA ID #, but it can be done. This is why I said “combine” training - not “merge” training.

The only thing users can really do is go to my.scouting.org and then:

  1. Click on “Menu” in the upper left part of the screen.
  2. Click on “Legacy Web Tools”.
  3. Manage Member ID.
  4. Add all of your known BSA ID #s.
  5. Select the one associated with your unit leadership role and designate it as “Primary”.

This will “link” training from multiple BSA ID #s, but it isn’t a true merge.

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With all of the enhancements of the online application process in late 2020, has there been any thought about allowing a position change (w/i the same unit) via the online application process? Obviously, the current process (at least it seems for most councils) is that a new PAPER Application is required to change position OR you can wait until Recharter to make the position changes (this assumes the person changing positions is already a properly registered adult leader with current YPT and an updated Criminal Background Check form). While it is probably most proper to get the application submitted at the time of the position change, the reality is that the Asst Scoutmaster that becomes the SM in May, probably won’t be officially changed until recharter time in Oct-Dec. If the online application could be used to simply “reapply” within the same unit in a different position, the COR or COR Delegate would still need to approve the application (so there is still that desired level of oversight), but the official position change could happen almost instantly. Seems like it would be a rather intuitive function for the online app process. As it is now, it is easier to change troops (via online application) than it is to change a position within a troop (still requiring a hard copy app, tracking down signatures, and additional council processing).

I asked the same thing a few weeks ago. The answer was no.

To be honest, I feel that this runs counter to all the environmental ideals that scouts are told. We are using 4 sheets of paper to change to what amounts to a 2 digit code.

Neal, after I made this initial post, I feared that this thread was a little old (2 yrs), and so I created a new topic with this same post. The link to that topic is below, but there is some good news here! It sounds like a tool called Position Manager is on the way (maybe within a month or so), and, if it delivers as advertised, it will have the functionality for which we have been looking. The link for that topic / thread is: Changing Position Using Online Application

@NealMcGuire I don’t think people understood the question you were asking.

I think part of the confusion was because the question was asked in the New Scoutbook Feature Requests sub-forum, when it probably should be in this sub-forum (My Scouting Tools), because Scoutbook does not process registrations.

The BSA is working on a Position Manager tool as part of my.scouting. More details are in the following thread: