Difficulty Logging Into Scoutbook

For some reason, I am unable to log into Scoutbook on my computer. Since that’s the only place I see I can do advancements, it’s a problem. I’m not sure what to do. Using the same password, I can log in everywhere else except there. It was also working yesterday. Thanks for any feedback you can give me! :slight_smile:

Is your password auto filling?

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My first guess would be that you somehow have two accounts. Try logging in with your email address instead of your my.scouting credentials. If that works. go to My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Switch SSO Profile and enter your my.scouting credentials. That should associate your email address with your my.scouting credentials.

My password keeps autofilling. If I take anything out, it says I need to use my credentials.

What browser are you using?

Auto-filling sometimes causes issues with login because it trips the bot-detector. I’d say try disabling the auto-fill and type everything in manually.

In some cases, if your information is auto-filled (by your browser or a password manager), you need to wait a few seconds before clicking the log in button. There seems to be some background code (probably checking for bots) that needs to finish running or it causes problems. I’ve been having this problem for the past several weeks on my laptop using Chrome, but as long as I wait a few seconds, it logs in with no problems.

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