and Scoutbook records do not match (Adult)

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2) Operating system Windows 11
3) Browser Chrome
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5) Member ID & Council of person affected 14725098

Our Troop just got a new CC. He can login to IA and all his info including unit and Coincil affiliations are correct. When he logs into SB, his council affiliation is for our neighboring council.
Getting this far took weeks. He has 2 BSAIDs. One from a cub pack in Maryland almost a decade ago and “new” one. The new one is the one correctly associated in IA. It is slso the one we see in SB. (BSAID in SB and IA match) but data does not. We have confirmed he is using the same login credentials in both IA and SB.
Our council registrar put a trouble ticket in for this 2 weeks ago. So far it’s still not working and now the registrar has not responded to requests for updates.
We were told that once our CC created a my.scouting accounnt associated with his new BSAID that the IA data would flow/replicate to SB within 24 hrs.

New adults are such a mess for us. Because we live on the county line, we have a zip code that is primarily serviced by the neighboring council. All new adults in our area show up in that council when “created”. We have to log in to my.scouting and manage our member ID to get ourselves into the correct council. Yet our registrar is the one entering the data for account creation for new adults in our service area.


Post the BSA Member IDs (no names) and we will investigate.

The BSAID is: 14725098. Thank you sorry - i got in a hurry and then couldn’t get the reply to post where I was trying to post it. Too much multitasking.

The BSAID is: 14725098. Thank you

@MelissaClites This should be fixed.

This user has 2 usernames at my.scouting:

  • part of his e-mail address in front of the “@” symbol
  • firstnamelastnamenumber

I currently have things set up so that he can log in to either one. If he could pick a username to keep, we can retire the other one.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you! I just had him login with firstnamelastnamenumber because that is the only llogin/password he knows. The other was from roughly 10 years ago. He would like to keep the firstnamelastnamenumber username & password. So that the userid is associated with:

BSAID: 14725098
Council: Tuscarora Council / 424
Unit: Troop 57B
Position: Committee Chair

Thank you!

@MelissaClites He logged in to the other one in February. Right now, both are associated with 14725098, so it doesn’t matter which one he logs in to.

If he would prefer to keep the other username, your council can reset the password.

Gotta love end users. He swears he doesn’t remember that password. Lol. I will have him contact our council. Thank you again.

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