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District Online Application Success

Just wanted to share that I got a few individuals to use the district level online application process and got an appropriate individual to approve them.

So that’s a win. Been trying to get people to use the online application process more and understand it better instead of continuing to do paper applications for everything.


So as a followup, it seemed like these may have only worked since they were the first district positions for these individuals during the registration term. Now that the district is recharted, I tried doing an online application to address an accidentally missed position, but it determined I was already registered and didn’t let me use the online application process. Seems like that experience should be opened up given those we did process or those ones we took in should have been blocked. My preference is opening it up more since multiple-ing into the district certainly seemed to work despite positions already in the district even though they weren’t yet renewed.

Wonder if the “transfer” position will work for District positions? It allows you to “multiple” instead of transfer.

Unfortunately transfer/multiple from My Application only offers up units unless you’ve seen otherwise.