Online Registration not letting users enter information

I’m trying to encourage the use of the online registration system, but am running into an issue. Working specifically with Merit Badge Counselors, I’ve now had 3 (out of roughly 20) report that the website wouldn’t allow them to enter any personal information (name, address, etc.). The screen loads, and shows the fields but they can not click into the data entry fields.

They’ve all tried multiple times across multiple days. They are not already registered at the District level. Ultimately, we had to revert to paper applications.

Have you seen this before? Any idea what the problem is? If it comes up again, what should I ask the applicant to help with future troubleshooting/resolution?


What this means I believe (as I have seen it first hand) their [EDIT] login is actually tied to their Youth not them. You can check with council. If you provide MID (BSA#) I can look it up

I just got another one in. Could you please check on 12015484? Thank you!

The MID is fine and adult - what they are using as far as username might be a better check

This is for a different adult, but he’s having the same issue. Username is uyallapragada BSA ID is 132557091.

that is also an adult - so who knows

Thanks for checking. It’d be nice to have a rationale, but the systems are what the systems are. I appreciate all you do to help us make them work!

@LynnCrochetiere - what browser are they using, and have they cleared their cache?

yeah was thinking on this - how are the MBCs set up Council/District? Do these fail users NOT have a current unit position? Do they already have a Council Level position?