Event disappeared

Set up all the meets for our wolf den. As I added dates, other meets were pushed down the calendar accordingly. The last one after editing dates disappeared from view entirely. It’s part three of an adventure… Anyone know how I can re-add it back in? I cannot see it anywhere…

How far into the future was that last meeting pushed? What date?

As I was adding events they were bumping down into July. So it’s possible it was pushed into august, then disappeared. I was able to see parts 1 and 2 of the adventures and moved them back up to the spring but part 3 vanished.

You mean July of 2024, right?

Also, does the missing meeting appear in Scoutbook? (Not DLE)

Correct, July 2024.

Found it in Scoutbook, edited the date there and now I see it back in DLE.

Problem solved, thank you!

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