DLE Den Setup: Inflexible dates, Populate calendar?

I started using the DLE tools, attempted to add an Adventure, but was directed to Setup Den first. The setup questions for dates are inflexible: weekly or bi-weekly only; We are currently planning once a month. The last step says: “Huh? You are about to populate your den’s calendar with programmed meetings. You can not undo this action. Would you like to proceed?” I don’t want to do this. I don’t understand what it will do, and what I will be able to remove from everyone’s calendar. Do I have to complete this setup, just so that I can use the Adventure tracking tool for my 1st meeting in 2 days? How do I get around this Inflexible Dates and Populate Calendar issue?

You don’t, at least not using DLE.

You can use regular Scoutbook and manually add the adventure requirements as they are completed, using the Quick Entry feature to credit multiple scouts in your den at once.

ETA: In the interests of full disclosure, saying I’m “not a fan” of DLE understates my opinion quite a bit. I got all the way through the five years as a DL without having canned meetings, and it was OK. :⁠^⁠)

ETA2: In case you aren’t already familiar with Scoutbook, there are a number of getting started links here:

Once you complete setup it will populate most/all of your year with den meetings. You do have the option to change the dates of the meetings to some date in the past or the far future. You also could hide them from everyone’s view and suppress reminders by clicking hide DLE events in the regular scoutbook calendar.

Here are my biggest complaints about it:

  1. Moving meeting dates around is a little laborious
  2. Once you take attendance, it automatically marks all requirements complete that are listed for that meeting, including requirements that they were supposed to do on their own at home.
  3. There’s no way to undo a requirement marked complete at all
  4. You can’t split a meeting into two if you want to take longer or insert an extra fun activity.

ETA It looks like you may actually be able to undo requirements marked complete by DLE. You have to go to regular scoutbook to remove the completions. I’m not certain whether it will fully stick as you continue to use DLE.

ETA2 The ability to undo them in regular scoutbook would also give you a workaround for my issue 2 and 4 above. Although it would certainly be a pain still, but it’s not quite set in stone.

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