Do not receive password reset email

I have a Committee Member that needs to retake YPT but cannot log in to his account. I have tried to reset his password multiple times but I cannot find the email in his inbox. Any suggestions?

Member ID is 131550631

His email is correct on his account also.

I have him sitting with me with his computer to try and get his sorted out.

Try using the BOT at bottom right at - or council can reset the password

I’ve used the bot multiple times
Where can I reset his password? I am council registrar

I believe there is a tool in VST or ScoutNET

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You should be able to reset his password using the Volunteer Support Tools

Our ASE has that access but hopefully I will soon. I figured out that his hotmail email will not allow any scouting emails to come through to him, I couldn’t send him one and he couldn’t get the password reset emails.

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