Password Reset (Not sending)

Hi. I have requested a password reset and I am not getting the e-mail. Checked JUNK and triple verified USER ID, e-mail, etc.

Is this for yourself?

Are you requesting the password reset at my.scouting?

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Hi. For my son. Yes, my.scouting.

Also tried their new bot.

Dave Lipien

I am having this same issue. Was this resolved? If so, what action was taken?

@davidlipien - for either Son - Council can rest password

@ClintMelton is it your password or someone else?

One of my less tech savvy den leaders.

you can post BSA# and we can look @ClintMelton

His BSA ID is 13502967

@ClintMelton your council can reset that password or the user can using the BOT at bottom right of log in page

I will try the council route. The BOT was not working either.

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