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Double emails sent with Calendar Reminders

I am helping my son’s Troop set up events thru Scoutbook’s Calendar feature. For now, I’m adding one reminder. I’m inviting the leaders and the scouts, not the parents. Not all scouts have their own emails, so Those would go to the parent email.

Multiple parents have let me know they are receiving each reminder in duplicate.

I’m receiving the email like normal, only one reminder. My son does not have his own email linked.

We utilized this feature in Cub Scouts without an issue. Is this feature different between the Packs and Troops?

Nope. I only get a single copy of emails that go to both me and my son (who has connected to his own account).

Are all of the double recipients on the same ISP?

Does the same thing happen with messages sent directly through the messaging interface (i.e. not as event reminders)?

It appears to happen only with the Calendar reminder. All different ISP. So far 5 parents have contacted me with the same issue. Double email sent at the same time. When sending a message, it’s working correctly.

How are you setting the event up? Are you putting it on the troop calendar? The patrol calendars? Both?

As of right now, only Troop events. This troop hasn’t used Scoutbook before, so I’m starting with the large group first. I only invite the leaders and the scouts, not the parents.

@HeatherMorehouse - lets take a look at the 5 known cases. Are things that set them apart from those who have not received multiple reminders ? Multiple scouts in the same family ? Any duplication of parents and/or scouts ?

I’ve gone thru all of the parents and scouts. They are all single scouts, no siblings, none with siblings in other troops or packs. Email addresses are yahoo, google, hotmail, and Mac. None of the parents are listed as a leader. None of these scouts have been invited by their parents to add their own email. I’ve asked the rest of the parents to notify me if they are also having this issue. So far nobody else has responded.

For the scouts in question, can you confirm that they have one and only one membership under current memberships?

Correct. All only one membership. Only in the Troop. Not part of a venturing crew or different troop.

And none with more than one membership in your troop?

Do both emails come stamped with the same sent time, or is there a difference?

Is this using the remind now, scheduled reminder, or both?

It appears to be with all reminders. We’ve just started using the calendar reminders in the month of July. I’m the one creating the event. At first I sent it both as send now and one day before.

After receiving complaints, I only sent the reminder one day before with the same outcome.

The troop is meeting later tonight so I hope to look at the parents actual emails. They are all telling me that it’s a duplicate email at the same time with the same time stamp.

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