Parent not getting event reminders but gets emails

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I have a parent that will get emails sent via Scoutbook messages, but not get the event reminders that go out whether it is sent “manually - send now” or set to send at another time. She also appears to have 2 accounts but one of them does not have a profile and BSA ID and her contact email shows changeyouremail@ So I’m not sure if she has duplicate accounts or if one thing has anything to do with the other. Both accounts appear to be connected to her Scout. Any ideas what the problem may be and if it is an issue to fix on our end or Scoutbook’s end?

Thank you!

My guess is that it’s probably a duplicate Scoutbook account issue.

If you post the BSA member number or Scoutbook userID, we can take a look. (No names, please)

I have one BSA ID for her 13054418 - her last name is misspelled on that account
The other account has no profile so there is no BSA or Scoutbook user ID for that account.

@JenniferReiter This should be fixed.

Thank you!!!

I have another one to solve.

Parent has 3 scoutbook accounts. The one she uses is BSA ID 13482461 (User 12131339)
The others are BSA ID 134685492 (User 10589055) and BSA ID (none) User 265897.\

Can you merge the pertinent data to the one account 13482461?

@JenniferReiter This should be fixed.

You are amazing! Thank you!!!

You don’t know how many hours she spent trying to get that fixed with National.

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