Dropped Scout

A Scout vanished from my Scoutbook roster. His BSA member ID is 136920528. He was previously a member of our pack from late 2019, and was dropped when we rechartered in December. He reregistered on March 1. At that time, I had trouble finding his profile and adding him without his histroy showing up. The next day, he appeared on our Scoutbook roster, and I deleted the duplicate I had created. Now, he is gone again, but he appears on our my.scouting roster. I tried to transfer him in, and the system cannot find him. So, i added him as a new Scout, and I hope the system will match him up.

The Scout has a two-word last name. I tried both words and each of the separate words, but he was not found when I tried to transfer him back in.

I’m getting a strange message on a yellow ribbin at the top of my screen:

Please edit your profile and enter your BSA Member #

My BSA member ID is in my profile, and it’s correct. I saved my profile, hoping that would refresh things, but the message did not go away. It is difficult to imagine this could cause a problem, since I can see all the other Scouts. Further, the Scout’s mother can only see the new profile I just created.

Peter, go to your “My Connections”, and then update the Scout’s Membership back to his den/pack.

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Thanks, @JenniferOlinger

I can see what happened. They processed his Decemebr 2020 “drop” within the past few days. He got added back overnight.

I deleted his other 2 Scoutbook accounts and then re-connected you to his original Scoutbook account. It sounds like the membership update added him back to your pack overnight.

Thanks for your help, @JenniferOlinger .