Edit of Information During Recharter

I am in the process of doing my troop online recharter. I need to change the last name and address of one of my adults. The recharter only allows me to edit the position of the adult. How do I edit personal information? Thanks. Bob Sellers

Recharter is not longer the place to do this. They can make these changes themselves in my.scouting. I think people have had mixed results with name changes. If it doesn’t work for them in my.scouting, they will need to work with their registrar. Bottom line, though, those types of changes are no longer done during recharter.

Thank you. I guess I figured as much. Merry Christmas.

If they are on your roster at my.scouting, then you should be able to edit their address. Name changes need to be done by your local council – especially adult leaders, because they are associated with criminal background checks.

I have three “new members” in my crew that are also with a troop in the same council. Two are adults, and one is a youth. I have added them as new members in the recharter, using the “paper application” methond. I try to add them as multiples, and the box comes up where I give their other unit’s type, and the troop to which they already belong, click “Mark as Multiple”, and then get an error message in a separate pop-up: “Error: New member cannot be multiple”

So I cannot submit, and pay without removing these three.

Is there a reason why you added them as new members vs adding them as multiples from the start? That is what they are.

I saw no way to add them as multiples. The only way I saw to add them was in the pull-down for “add new members”.

Sorry, I think you are right. They are new members to the crew and then are multipled with the troop. Sorry for the red herring.

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