Dupe Scout Account in Scoutbook


One of the Scouts in our Troop seems to have a duplicate account. Only the parent can see the “correct” account. The duplicate account shows up for both the parent and as the Scout in our Troop. I am wondering if someone can help merge the accounts.

This is for Troop 3426 in Northern Star Council.


The correct account for Dylan that we would like associated with the Troop is:
BSA Member #: 132194646
UserID: 11699707

The incorrect account that can be deleted is:
BSA Member #: 132514064
UserID: 1526870

Thank you!!

Paul Johansen
Troop 3426 Scoutmaster

@PaulJohansen this is fixed - though you had numbers backwards - 132514064 is registered in your troop - the other used to be in your troop

Great. Thank you so much for your quick response and help getting this taken care of! I very much appreciate all of the work you do to help the Scoutbook community.

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